International Business

At Kores, we understand the importance of adopting a global approach to business. As a means to the same, the international business group at Kores has been making our products available across the world since 1987.

Complementing the efforts of our marketing team, the international business team has successfully launched our ‘Ambassador’ and ‘Kool Toolz’ labels overseas. Under these brands, our products are specifically designed in order to keep up with the evolving trends in international markets and meet global standards.

Kores’ products in the ‘Ambassador’ range are diverse and find application in large-scale industries as well as smaller offices and homes. Our range of ‘Kool Toolz’ products is customised to meet the needs of children globally, with a varied range of art and scholastic products on offer. In addition to this, Kores is renowned the world over for indelible ink products and we share valuable relationships with several governing bodies across the globe including the United Nations (UN) and Election Commissions.

As opposed to mere commodities, we view each of our products as concepts in themselves, designing them with the singular view of delivering quality and customer value.

If you would like to know more about this division, contact: Mr. Amit Budhiraja – Vice President- Exports
Call: +91 22 2447 6866