Kores’ Textile Division comprises a spinning plant established in 2008, at Wankaner, Gujarat. This plant produces 100% combed cotton and compact yarn for knitting or weaving. This plant complies with international quality standards and is committed to:
• Achieve, sustain and continuously improve the quality of the finished product, i.e. Blended and Cotton Yarn.
• Enhance customer satisfaction through established quality objectives and consistency.
• Continuous improvement in quality management systems, processes and infrastructure.
• Upgrade and modernise the mill from time to time to keep pace with the best technology.

To meet these objectives, another plant for blended yarn with the capacity for 20,160 spindles has been set up with the latest LMW machines and Muratec 21C autoconers.

Their range of buy voltaren online products includes:

[title size=”2″]Combed Cotton Yarn[/title]

Basic Raw MaterialShankar 6 Cotton

Count Range: 20s / 40s


• 20s / 24s / 30s / 32s / 36s / 40s combed/carded cotton yarn (knitting and weaving)

• 30s and 40s compact buy nexium 20mg weaving yarn

PackingCarton and Pallet packing

Quality: Contamination Cleared, Autoconed, Siro Cleared, Usterised and Ultraviolet Checked yarn

Infrastructure: Complete Laxmi (LMW) range of machines with VETAL contamination clearer and Murates autoconers

Capacity: 21,600 spindles

[title size=”2″]Blended Yarn[/title]

Basic Raw MaterialShankar 6 Cotton, Reliance Polyester Fibre, Grasim VSF, Modal, imported Cationic
Count Range: 24s to 60s

• 24s to 60s single / two-ply PC (65/35,52/48 etc) CVC (60:40) / PV / HM, etc.
• Modal 100%
• High Twist
• Slub ? Magic Slub

Packing: Polybag / Cartons

Quality: Electronically Cleared, Autoconed yarn, Usterised and Ultraviolet Checked

Infrastructure: Well-modernised LMW range of Machinery from B/R to R/Fs and Muratec 21c autoconers

Capacity: 20,160 spindles

Other key equipment:

UsterUster Tester ? 5   |  HVI ? Spectrum

Premier: Tensomaxx ? 7000

Statex: CSP System  |  TPI Tester  |  Wrap Reel

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Mr. Kirti Parekh – General Manager, Marketing

Call: +91 22 2447 6831 / +91 93209 93779

Email: textile@kores-india.com / kirtip@kores-india.com“][/tagline_box]