Kores entered the Foundry industry in 1969 with a simple but ambitious goal of becoming a truly customer-focused foundry. Over the years, Kores has developed a reputation for providing high quality foundry products for the country’s leading manufacturers.

With two production facilities located in Pune, Kores is renowned for its flexibility and reliability in supplying products to customers. Powered by a collaborative approach to adopting new technology along with customer engagement, we have grown to become a key castings supplier for renowned auto manufacturers, engineering equipment manufacturers and Indian Railways.

Kores has distinguished itself by consistently delivering high-quality products in ductile iron castings as a result of meticulous quality control, production capabilities, technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and team work. Through value-added valve engineering, we have successfully developed and produced castings using the green sand process, which are normally produced by expensive processes like forging, shell moulding or investment castings.
Apart from S G Iron Castings, we have produced high-value, critical centrifugal castings and chilled shell moulded casting, which are used in high power and performance engines.

With an annual production of 36,000 tonnes, Kores has emerged as one of the leading producers of centrifugal, shell and conventional castings in a range of materials from S G Iron, cast iron and various other steel alloys.

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