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Kores Cares is offering disinfection services for offices, hospitals, homes etc to help you fight the COVID 19 outbreak. We use WHO Approved Technology which is much more effective than chemical or conventional fumigation techniques. Our unique no chemical disinfection services has high reach and can sanitize all nooks and corners of your location. The system works equally effective on both Bacteria and Viruses. We offer onetime solutions and subscription models. Following are the benefits using our technology

  • Increases Freshness
  • Enhances Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduces Sick Building Syndromes
  • Mold, Fungus, Bacteria & Virus free atmosphere
  • Repels insects, cockroaches, rodents etc.
  • Cigarette, Cleaning & Pest Control Chemicals Odor free
  • Odor Free atmosphere
  • Removes all toxic Pollutants

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Kores Performance Spectrum

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) signi´Çücantly depends on the selection, reach & depth of the treatment technology & methodology.

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Water v/s Gas Based Disinfection System

Water Based Disinfectant, Chlorine is a very old and outdated disinfectant

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